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Why do I need Small Business Insurance?

Whether you own a small or large company, business insurance is essential. Perhaps your business has grown significantly, and it’s time to update your insurance coverage. Whatever the reason, it’s necessary to understand why having business insurance is so crucial for your future success and peace of mind. As a business owner, you need business insurance to safeguard yourself, your staff, customers, assets, and your company’s future. Additionally, most states require you to have business insurance.

Different Types of Policies your Small Business Insurance Needs

Errors & Omissions Insurance

It is a type of professional malpractice coverage for businesses, often known as E&O or professional liability insurance, that protects you from errors or mistakes you or a team member makes.

General Liability Insurance

It is the most fundamental component of any small business insurance policy. It protects you against third-party accusations that you or your team member caused physical harm or property damage to a customer or even a delivery worker visiting your business.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Most states require you to give workers comp to any full-time or part-time team member to cover accidents that may arise while working.

Commercial Property Insurance

Whether you rent, lease, or own your office space, this coverage is required to protect you from loss or damage due to vandalism, theft, and more.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Many personal auto insurance policies exclude coverage for damage or loss to a vehicle utilized for business purposes. Commercial coverage will be available to provide insurance.

Product Liability Insurance

If you produce something that causes injury, disease, or death, your clients could sue you. That’s why product liability insurance is essential for businesses that manufacture products.

Cyber Insurance

Everyone who does business online is in danger of data theft and information mismanagement. This coverage will safeguard against hackers and data loss due to system failures.

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